Follow us and the Swedish author Ann Rosman through West Sweden where you meet the locals, experience the magnificent nature and taste our well-stocked pantry.


Scandinavia offers a large number of exciting attractions.  Through the travel agency Resia we suggest you to participate in the following trips:

1. 3 capitals in 5 days      2. Lofoten 4 days      3. West coast 3 days        4.

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Theatre, concerts, sporting events, exhibitions and annual festivals make the city buzz all year around. That together with the closeness to the sea makes up an abundance of opportunities to create special memories. You’re guaranteed a whole new meeting experience. For more information email

Whether it’s tranquil or raging, blue or grey, the sea is always fascinating. No matter the season. Find your favourite spot among the thousands of islands and charming fishing villages that are scattered along the coast.

Lobster safari
Join the local fishermen in the early morning hours and head out to sea. The west coast’s black gold is awaiting. Haul up today’s catch and tie up the lobster (autumn) or crab (summer) claws before heading back to shore. In the evening you prepare your dinner together in a picturesque fishing village. Your catch is of course on the menu.

Seal safari
Board a classic fishing-boat taking you to the skerries where grey seals lounge. Seals are curious and playful and will most likely come really close to the boat to check out their spectators.

Fishing and fish auction
Fishing enthusiasts love the archipelago and the lakes surrounding Gothenburg for the opportunity of both fresh and salt-water fishing. Rent your own boat or accompany experienced fishermen who will take you to the best spots. Depending on season and location you can fish for mackerel, halibut, perch, pike, salmon, whitefish and more. If you’d rather stay ashore you can visit the daily fish auction in the early morning hours. This is the place to see rare fish as well as genuine fish auctioneers in full action.

Vinga Island
The enchanting Vinga Island is Gothenburg’s westernmost point. Its lighthouse is loved by seafarers as a symbol of home-coming. The rocky shoreline provides a lovely bay and one of the best places to swim on the west coast. Once, it was the home of Evert Taube, one of Sweden’s most respected musicians and foremost troubadour of the Swedish ballad tradition in the 20th century.

Coastline cruising
Glide peacefully through the archipelago in a kayak or on a barque that has set sails towards the sunset. Enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Swedish west coast where sea birds are sailing in the wind and curious seals are following you. Lady Ellen is a beautiful three-masted schooner and one of Sweden’s largest sailing ships. Learn how to sail, tie knots to hold a ship, or just relax. A tranquil boat tour or kayaking, only listening to the strokes of the paddles, will give you peace of mind.

Speedy adventures
Rib boats are the formula one of the seas and you can cover a large part of the archipelago in one day. Go on an exhilarating trip orienteering through the skerries or solve a mystery while visiting picturesque fishing villages. A head to head match sailing race will test your skills and good fortune. An experienced sailing crew help you challenge your colleagues. With easily manoeuvred fast sailing boats you’ll get a speedy experience of a life time.

East Indiaman Götheborg
In 1984, the Swedish East Indiaman Götheborg was found in the inlet of Gothenburg harbour where it had sunk in 1745. The current ship is a full scale replica built using traditional techniques. Its maiden voyage went to China and the ship has made several expeditions since. Come on board and learn about the many trading expeditions and life at sea during the 18th century.

A creative and fun dinner theme can raise the temperature at any party. Acquaint yourself with Swedish flavours together with a local top chef or join an expert for tastings of chocolate, oysters, wine and other delicacies. Or let our traditions lead the way to a memorable experience.

Crayfish extravaganza
Shellfish of all kind is a west coast speciality. Enjoy lobster, crayfish and prawns on a sea cruise watching the sun set. In August, the sound of Swedes singing becomes increasingly common. Surrounded by colourful paper lanterns and dressed in colourful hats, we celebrate that the crayfish season is here. Mouth-watering crayfish decorated with fresh dill crowns is accompanied with cheese pie, dips, bread and Swedish schnapps.

Meet with the World Oyster Opening Champion, Johan Malm, for a lesson on how to open, present and eat the oyster for ultimate taste. Challenge your colleagues and get your technique and presentation judged by the master himself. At Käringön you’ll learn about oyster cultivation before plunging into the sea to gather your own delicacies. Enjoy your catch together with a glass of champagne. With the most beautiful view of the sea, the hot tub is awaiting you on the jetty.

In addition to city tours with vintage tram, canal boat and bus you can see the city from a very different angle.

Ghost tour
The middle ages dark history sometimes rises to our awareness. Visit haunted buildings and the quarters where the hangmen of the 1600s and the city’s most well-known fortune-teller lived. You’ll walk in Jack the Ripper’s Swedish victim’s footsteps, listen to ghost stories and uncover attacks from the other side.

Gothenburg fortifications
Grab a torch and go underground. Gothenburg was once one of the most fortified cities in Europe. You’ll visit the old bastions while listening to the story about how Gothenburg was founded and built.

Classic Volvo cars
Take a guided tour in the car that put Sweden on the road. The classic Volvo PV 444/544 was manufactured between 1947 and 1965 in Gothenburg – the Volvo cradle. Follow the guide travelling at the front of the column and get glimpses of the period 1950-1970 as well as insights into the modern day. All through the microphones connecting the cars.

Gothenburg is a great sports city. Depending on season top league games of ice hockey, soccer, handball, basketball and floorball are on the event calendar. Watch from the stand or why not play a game with your co-travellers?

West Sweden alone has around 55 beautiful golf courses. Some 25 are located in and around Gothenburg. Thanks to the bright summer nights you can play late into the evenings.

Move your body and get moving. You’re the master of the Segway gliding along the street just inches above the ground. Challenge each other in a slalom course or go on a treasure hunt to find the city landmarks in a fun and exciting way.

Go karting
Test your racing skills at top speeds up to 90 km/h. Sitting just a few centimetres above ground you race around the 600-metre long track for the thrill. 18 karts can race at any given time at the city based track. Press the pedal to the metal for the win!

Horse riding
Even a beginner can easily manage an Icelandic horse. Although their spirited temperament and large personality they are very sensitive. The breed’s typical gait is the pace tölt. It’s known for its explosive acceleration and speed, however it’s very comfortable. The mesmerizing countryside is just an additional value.

Elk safari
Head out into the wilderness while the morning mist begins to rise off the forest floor. Hear a gentle rustle and turn the clearing, only metres away, stands the King of the Swedish wilderness, the mighty elk. Visit Elk Hill – the Royal Hunting Museum, one hour north of Gothenburg and experience the elk in its natural habitat while enjoying the fantastic landscape and crisp fresh air.

Winter sports all year round
The Swedes love winter sports. Naturally ice hockey, but figure skating is also a popular leisure activity. Learn the basics at one of the eleven rinks around town. Hone your skills. At the end of the hour you might be able to do a pirouette. Curling is another great team activity putting your balance and tactic skills to the test. Play each other for honour and glory.

Farm fun
Team coordination, communication and fun are in focus at this adventure centre. In a genuine countryside environment you’ll try to get your team across the creek and up the attic, balance the beam, fill the cannon and find the treasure. Finish the day with a delicious meal served in a rustic barn environment.

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